Strategies and Best Practices for Transitioning from Small to Medium-Sized

7th Annual NoVA B2G Matchmaking Conference & Small Business EXPO

MillerMusmar CPAs managing partner, G.F. Joey Musmar, moderated a panel of CEOs of middle market Government contractors to discuss the Strategies, Best Practices, and  Emerging Trends for Transition from a Small to Medium-Sized Business. In attendance were the CEOs of successful middle-market government contractors: Bob Eisiminger, CEO of, Knight Point Systems, LLC Kevin Jennings CEO of Millennium Corporation and Jared Shepard, CEO of Intelligent Waves LLC.

Some of the key takeaways and quotes were:  

  • Don’t chase “Blue Bird” contracts. Properly submitted proposals require 12-18 months of work.
  • Invest profit back into your firm.
  • Your proposal team should be rewarded based on wins not the number of proposals.
  • Mentor/protégé is important for you to grow and avoid mistakes.
  • If it’s not your expertise, then hire (outside) experts.
  • Debt financing beats equity. Be careful when taking on equity partners.
  • Build firm infrastructure that is scalable.
  • Build Firm Core Expertise.
  • Corporate culture is critical.
  • Don’t rush into the 8A program unless your firm has past performance and is ready to leverage the access it creates.  
  • Firm Certifications are not the exception but the norm, get them.

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