Associations, nonprofits, and religious organizations are required to comply with strict accountability standards and may face a higher degree of scrutiny than many for-profit entities. Complex rules and regulations exist which govern qualification for and maintenance of status.

In addition, non-profits, religious organizations, and associations are still subject to most of the same laws that govern the existence and operation of for-profit companies. For example, they must comply with the same employee payroll reporting laws, employment laws, and financial and tax compliance laws as for-profit companies. There are numerous beneficial reasons why your nonprofits or religious organization or association should utilize the professional services of an independent accounting firm.

MillerMusmar CPAs has a team of professionals who are versed in the various complexities facing your not-for-profit or religious organization or association. The firm will not only meet your unique accounting, tax, and auditing needs but also serve as a business coach and efficiency expert to assist your organization in maximizing revenue streams and minimizing expenditures. Consider reducing your overhead expenditures by outsourcing day-to-day accounting and payroll processing to us.

With a diverse nonprofit, religious organization and association client base, we service small, medium, and large organizations and have the specialized knowledge needed in a wide array of non-profit arenas to help you achieve and maintain compliance for your nonprofit or association.

Our goal is to ensure that your financial success, so you are able do to the most for whom your organization exists.

Let us assist you with:

  • The Initial Qualification Process
  • Day-To-Day and Periodic Financial Reporting Requirements
  • Federal and State Compliance Audit
  • General Organization Structure
  • Form 990 Federal Reporting