Accounting Software Systems

When it comes to accounting software systems, MillerMusmar CPAs is proud to be able to recommend and deliver an accounting system that is fully integrated and customizable to meet your needs.

Our Process:

Analysis and Selection

Throughout the accounting cycle, we work directly with your entire department. This allows us to be able to fully analyze the existing process and methodology, find its strengths and weaknesses, then recommend the software that meets your existing needs and solidifies identified weaknesses.

Integration with Other Software Systems

These days, middle market and enterprise level software are open sourced, and as a result, it can be integrated with other software applications. Databases are also often well-suited to be integrated with accounting software, therefore we can streamline your operations, saving you money in reducing overhead costs, duplicate work, and data entry. We utilize off-the-shelf accounting software that best fits your needs. This allows for easy technical support, annual upgrading of the software, regular technical upgrades and, most importantly, is much cheaper than enterprise software. We are also sensitive to the fact that the software may need to be able to handle multiple currencies, export to spreadsheet software, and potentially operate in two languages. We have access to software that can perform all of these functions.

Standardization of Systems

When given the opportunity to work directly with your finance department, we can establish a universal standard chart of accounts along with standard policy and procedure manuals. This enables you to establish a standard reporting method, which allows your finance department to gather information from around the world, consolidate the data, and import it into its own accounting system. Such standardization allows for streamlined reporting, elimination of clerical errors, reduction of classification errors, timelier reporting, and further reduced overhead costs.

Installation and Implementation

Once the software is selected and options are chosen, we can implement the recommendation. We will train your staff on how to use the software either on-site or at the training center. When it comes to the computer network, hardware, and IT implementation, we normally work with your IT department or outsource the work to an IT company.