Yasuo Konishi, Global Development Solutions Managing Director

“Of all the other service providers that we have had, the most unique thing about them that I have been impressed with is their willingness to listen and tailor their services according to our business and the way our business is changing.”


Russell Smith, OCI President/Founder

“MillerMusmar CPAs have provided good business advice of value to the company in meeting the challenges over the past 20 years.”

Val G. Gonzalez, CPA, NACCAS Director of Finance

“MillerMusmar CPAs have been accommodating to our services and needs. NACCAS has a crazy schedule and not always the timelines are able to be achieved. The firm has been flexible and responsive to our ever-changing needs.”


James Y. Cho, Tripoint Solutions, President

“Ultimately, we decided to go with MillerMusmar CPAs as our CPA for many reasons. We felt that the personnel that we met were very approachable and understood the complexities of the financial and accounting needs of our company. It just left like that they would fit well with our personalities and that they are an extension of our business.”