Tax Audit Defense

With increased information sharing among states and the IRS, audits are on the rise.

States target the unsuspecting business owner with a “Letter of Inquiry” to collect information on the company’s multi-state activity. These letters are a precursor to an audit. Most controversies can be settled at the audit or administrative review level once the facts and circumstances of the client’s situation are effectively communicated to the taxing authority.

MillerMusmar CPAs is ready to provide you with a thorough understanding of the law, positions, and policies of the taxing authorities.

We also can minimize your risk with a nexus review to quantify your exposure through a state-by-state analysis of audit risk and liability magnitude. If it is determined such exposure exists, we utilize our extensive experience in negotiating voluntary disclosure agreements to settle your liabilities (commonly by 30 percent -70 percent of the true liability) and coordinate future compliance.