The role of Internal Audit is becoming increasingly more critical as organizations look for insights into risk management and operational efficiency. Internal Audit services help you leverage your resources to protect your business and improve organizational controls.

Services provided as part of the 3rd Line of Defense:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Design, implementation, and operating effectiveness of internal controls
  • Process improvement
  • Fraud investigation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • SOC
  • IT assurance
  • Monitoring

MillerMusmar CPAs can offer the following full-service or co-sourcing internal audit solutions for the above services:

  • Internal Audit Seasoned-Cycles: Risk Assessment, and different process audits throughout the year
  • Internal Audit Outsourcing: Full Internal Audit Function
  • Internal Audit Co-Sourcing: Either Risk Assessment and 3 Years Plan which gets executed in-house (by the client), or Execute the testing of In-house (client) developed Plan by the Chief Audit Executive / Audit Directors
  • Internal Audit Partnership: Where we partner with big firms to take on (execute) some of the testing