We’re Your Source for AASHTO Overhead Rate Audit Services in Chicago

AASHTO Overhead Rate Audits are mandatory for architectural and engineering firms that are contracted by Departments of Transportation.

MillerMusmar is the leading provider of AASHTO Overhead Rate Audits in Chicago and can help you be in compliance.

Our AASHTO Overhead Rate Audit Services include:

  • Performing an audit of overhead rates for submission to federal and state agencies;
  • Reviewing internal controls and policies to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Reviewing historical FAR overhead rates and disallowed expenses;
  • Calculating reasonable compensation; and
  • Calculating facilities cost of capital.

Count on MillerMusmar CPAs for AASHTO Overhead Rate Audit Services in Chicago

At MillerMusmar, we have been working with Architecture and Engineering firms across the country for years, bringing our experience in dealing with complexities of ASHTO overhead rate audit requirements. Our FAR audit specialists are experienced in the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Uniform Audit and Accounting Guide. The AASHTO Audit & Accounting Guide is an industry wide resource that helps bring consistency to these audits and provides very useful information and tools to both auditors and organizations that calculate indirect cost rates.

To discuss AASHTO overhead rate audit services in Chicago in further detail, please contact MillerMusmar CPAs today.