We’re Your Expert AASHTO Overhead Rate Audit Firm

Any architectural, engineering, or construction (A/E) firm which participates in government contracts or receives funding from federal or state agencies must determine an indirect costs (overhead) rate in order to submit a grant proposal or a bid on a contract.

That’s where MillerMusmar can help. Our firm provides expert AASHTO Overhead Audits for A/E firms across the country. Having audited overhead rates enables our clients to successfully compete on proposals for state and local contracts as most state agencies require audited overhead rates.

At MillerMusmar CPAs, we offer clients a variety of services related to overhead rate audits:

  • We review a client’s overhead rate calculation prior to government submission to ensure compliance;
  • We assist with reviews for unallowable costs to support overhead rate calculations;
  • We assist clients in responding to government requests for information and working with government auditors to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.

Contact MillerMusmar for your Overhead Rate Auditing Needs

At MillerMusmar CPAs, we understand auditing your overhead rates is essential to your organization. Our team of experts can assist you in preparing an overhead schedule. Additionally, our team can perform an audit for a schedule that’s been prepared by your organization.

If your A/E firm performs government work or collects federal or state funding, you will be required to have an independently audited overhead rate in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). We can help!