We’re Your Premier Choice for AASHTO Overhead Rate Audit Services in Washington, D.C.

If your company participates in Department of Transportation contracts, there is a requirement to have an annual audit of your company’s overhead rate submission. MillerMusmar CPAs is a leading provider of AASHTO Overhead Rate Audits in Washington, D.C.

Based on FAR and CAS, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) has issued a uniform audit and accounting guide, which provides guidance and required procedures for conducting these audits. MillerMusmar has years of experience as CPAs and contract auditors, and specializes in AASHTO Overhead Rate Audits.

At MillerMusmar CPAs, we use our experience with FAR to provide the utmost level of service and audit quality on your company’s overhead rate submission.

Count on Us for FAR Overhead Rate Audit Services in DC

FAR overhead rate audits should be performed by a CPA that is highly experienced in working with Architecture and Engineering firms and in performing these types of audits. MillerMusmar is well known for its expertise in this area, and currently conducts FAR overhead rate audits for our clients. These audits include the calculation of the facilities, cost of capital, and the preparation of the required report on compliance and internal control matters.

At MillerMusmar CPAs, our knowledge of industry best practices enables us to recommend improvements to internal controls and operational procedures. We assure the solidity of your financial records, evaluating financial procedures and producing strategies that help you face the myriad challenges of business –planning and execution.